Good Evening Everyone!

Budgeting… something everyone seems to either LOVE or HATE. Me, personally, I feel both toward budgeting. Love it because when I do it, it keeps me in line and I can definitely see a decrease in senseless spending. Hate it because it can be so tedious and time consuming, especially if you don’t keep up with it daily or have a good routine in place.

I did a really good job tracking pretty much every single penny that has come or gone from my bank account between June and December 2018. I might not have tracked every single day, but I made it a priority to update my budget at least weekly. When I would track daily or update my budget, it would immediately remind me of where my money was going and the spending would usually end up slowing down.

The first month I decided to do this, I realised I was spending nearly $160.00 at Starbucks… HOLY CRAP!! That scared the bejesus outta me! The next month, I made it a priority to make my coffee at home, settle for a drip coffee or brewed tea instead of the “fancy” drinks, or skip Starbucks for a day. I easily managed to immediately cut $50.00 off of that spending category. Since then, my “coffee/starbucks” category has been decreasing every month.

Since December, I’ve really been slacking at tracking my spending and I my wallet can definitely feel it. I hate making excuses, but I’ve had an extremely busy January between working two jobs and traveling to my home state (over 800 miles away) to visit a parent regarding a medical emergency. I will be going back through my bank account and updating my budget for January so I can keep track of my averages and all of that good stuff.

I could keep rambling on about this stuff and get nowhere. So, I’ll let it up to you all. Would you like to know more about my budgeting skills and if so, what would you like to know?

Let me know! Use the contact me page or add a comment on your thought.

Thanks again for reading everyone. Hope you all have a great night!


The Beginning of Everything!

Hi Everyone!

How has the beginning of the New Year been for everyone? It’s CRAZY to think we are ALREADY in February.

I wanted to thank you all for deciding to join me on my adventure to financial freedom! Maybe you’re on your own journey, or just want to read along. Either way… Thank you!

Personal finances tend to be a taboo subject in our culture for some strange reason. I find the topic very interesting and love conversing with others about it, however, people always try to steer clear of the subject. So, I have decided to create a place where we can speak freely about our finances, share net worths, strategies and plans, and more.

The only thing ask you all (and I promise to do myself) is to keep this blog friendly. My parents always said “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”. I’m sure we’ve all heard there… With that being said, we can still have calm, friendly debates on subjects.

Without further ado. Let’s go!